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Hi, good to see you have finally found us.  Welcome to The Carp Anglers Bivvy! This site contains a little bit of everything, lake reviews, catch reports, tackle reviews and anything that can help put fish on the bank for everyone.   So Carp Fishermen and woman! get on here and share your experience and share those monsters and new PB's! Have a look around, join the team and get involved. Get your photo's of them lumps on to full screen!

Of course angling is a skill and experience plays a massive part in how knowledgable you become but the future of learning can be enhanced on sites like these where the most experienced do get involved simply to help others.  The information is available, it is then up to the angler, to go out and practice, as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect!

With all the variables at hand when fishing, having the right tackle with the correct bait with 110 years experience is not going to catch you a fish.  That's the beautiful thing about fishing is that even the best walk away scratching their heads.

Just beautiful.

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