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What is on the Market?

So rods and reels? In my opinion and without doubt, you can catch a fish with any rod and reel in working order.  Then again, quality can come at a price.  The evolution of carp fishing has been astounding in Europe over the last 20 years in which it has been even more competitive with carp angling tackle and bait only companies at large.  It is a niche that has a lot of competition so the more you spend doesn't necessarily mean you have the best equipment.  So reviews are integral to getting the best for your money.  The problem is these review sites are designed to drive you to retailers which is all good being you get what you want but does leave the dreaded thought of whether these reviews are honest. So my aim for this page is that you do get an honest review that you can hold as a carp fisherman's opinion but don't forget, that is all it is.... Us carpers tend to disagree on almost everything!!!

So part of the main debate is, is it Shimano or Diawa where you get the best value for money?

The simple answer is that if you go down either of these routes, you will probably not regret it as they are the most common, reliable and exceptionally well built reels by well established company's that are in themselves trustworthy and  at the very top of the market!

Below is top of the range carp reels that are more than sufficiant for any carping and rival even the most costly of reel.

The market is wide open and some great company's making some great tackle.

What i have noticed is that to buy direct from the supplier has its challenges outside often being more expensive.

Knowing that Amazon are ready to ship these products as soon as you hit the complete order button, simply eases the mind as other popular direct suppliers struggle with confident customer service and adhering to their claims on delivery time, if delivered at all. 

Still waiting on my net floats....

Check the reels out below!

Daiwa Tournament Basia BAS45QDA 10-15 lbs Test Carp Spinning Reel

Daiwa’s ultimate long distance carp spinning reel features a lightweight Magnesium alloy body and rotor for minimum weight. A large diameter, ABS Long Cast aluminum spool makes getting maximum distance a breeze, even with lighter weight baits. The Quick Drag (QD) system developed specifically for carp fishing allows changing from free-spooling to maximum drag with less than a full turn of the drag knob.



  • 7 ball bearings

  • Quick Drag system

  • Magnesium body and rotor

  • Machined aluminum handle with wooden knob

  • Precision worm shaft levelwind lays line evenly on the spool

  • Strong, Dura-Aluminum gears

  • Infinite anti-reverse

  • Aluminum ABS Long Cast spool design

  • Air Bail®

  • Lifetime bail spring

  • Oversize, spring-loaded line clip for repeatable casting distance

  • Reliable manual bail trip

  • Manufactured in Japan to exacting standards

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Daiwa Cast’izm 25 QDA Big Pit Carp Fishing Reel

Again, tapping into the long distance surf casting trends from Japan we have accomplished a new design breakthrough in long distance spool geometry. This time we have created a ‘compact’ approach around a 25mm stroke spool with a 65mm spool diameter (the same as the Basia) and a 66mm spool skirt. It is called Cast’izm.

The combination of spool shape, diameter and stroke has produced extraordinary casting results, pushing even the Basia in tests. But thanks to its shortened spool length the body becomes shorter too. The modest ratio of 4.7:1 delivers a useful power conversion aided by Digigear II, but importantly an impressive line retrieval of 96cm thanks to a filled spool circumference of around 200mm. This is a major asset when fishing at distance.

Apart from its astonishing casting ability the Cast’izm also features Mag Sealed. This protection from intrusion of water and debris via the rotor extends the lifespan of that ‘showroom’ winding feel and smoothes out initial winding inertia. Almost now standard features are QD quick drag and the HIP High Impact Protection line clip; must haves for any modern carp reel.

Toughness comes in the shape the Zaion body, the graphite Air Rotor and Air Bail which itself combined with Twistbuster make line travel all the more trouble free.

The Cast’izm maybe ‘smaller’ in certain departments but its compact shape still delivers ‘big’ in casting, features and looks. It is shaping the future.

  • New groundbreaking spool profile and 25mm stroke

  • Compact Zaion body

  • Mag Sealed

  • QD Quick Drag

  • Air Rotor (graphite)

  • Air Bail

  • Twistbuster

  • HIP High Impact Protection line clip

  • Digigear 2

  • Machined aluminium spool

Available at Amazon - Click Below


DAM Carp Reel Quick 5 SLS 7000 FS Free Spool Reel

by DAM

D.A.M. · Spinning · 11.3 kg max drag · Carp Fishing

The Quick SLS DLX 970 FD is the new flagship in DAM's carp andfeeder reels. DLX stands for deluxe and that is what this reel is,optically and technically! The reel is kept in matt black and comeswith foldable handle with wooden knob. Technically this reel is state-of-the-art, with top features like an ultra-slow wormschaft oscillating system for perfect line lay, That line lay gives you that extra meters often needed. With a line capacity of 400m for 0,35mm of line, nearly nothing is out of reach. Comes with a softtouch drag knob (micro-adjustable). 8 Double sealed stainless ball bearings 1 Instant anti-reverse needle bearing High-impact, ABS-graphite body Aluminium spool Ultra-slow oscillation system Extra thick bail arm Micro-adjustable front drag Foldable handle with wooden knob Multi disc carbon front drag Soft-touch drag knob Anti-Twist line roller stainless steel main shaft Stainless steel body screws 400m/0,35mm line capacity Also available in FS Free Spool model.« less

  • 8 Double sealed stainless ball bearings

  • 1 Instant anti-reverse® needle bearing

  • High-impact, ABS-graphite body

  • Aluminium spool

  • Ultra-slow oscillation system

  • Extra thick bail arm

  • Micro-adjustable front drag

  • Foldable handle with wooden knob

  • Multi disc carbon front drag

  • Soft-touch drag knob

  • Anti-Twist line roller

  • stainless steel main shaft

  • Stainless steel body screws

  • 400m/0,35mm line capacity

Daiwa (spinning reel 15 Carp ism 4500BR

Daiwa · Spinning · 507 g · 107 cm recovery · Carp Fishing

Daiwa BR 25A Reel Daiwa's new Emblem BR 25A has been designed to build on the success of the Castizm BR and sports ground-breaking mini big pit spool geometry and an integrated BR system. Maintaining a compact body shape and size, the 25mm stroke with BR system will allow long distance casts comparable with larger big pit style reels. The Emblem BR 25A features cutting edge technology normally found on others twice the prices, these include Air Rotor, Air Bail and Twistbuster all aid with the reels performance and line maintenance, adding to this reels already impressive array of top quality features. The Emblem BR 25A has a 5.3:1 gear ratio gives this stunning reel huge amounts of cranking power and will retrieve 107cm of line per turn of the handle ideal for winding in rigs from range and playing fish.

  • Graphite Body

  • Single and double handle supplied

  • Airbail

  • Infinite anti reverse

  • Twistbuster

  • Aluminium spool plus spare

  • Positive BR lever

  • Castlock

  • 8 Ball bearings

  • Ratio: 4.6:1

  • Weight: 16.2oz to 17.2oz (depending on size)

Shimano Power Aero 14000 XTB Big Pit Extreme Distance Casting Carp Fishing Reel

On larger waters, where casting distance is essential, using the correct reel is as important as using the correct rod. SHIMANO Big Pit/ Surfcasting reels, with Slow Oscillation, Super Slow Oscillation and the new Parallel Body design add noticeable casting distance compared to other reels of the same   size.

Slow line oscillation wraps the line onto the spool in a more organized way, with the coils of line laying closer to the next one on the spool. On Parallel Body design reels the body of the reel is parallel to the blank of the rod, rather than the reel tilting slightly towards the rod. The combination of Slow or Super Slow Oscillation and Parallel Body offers the ultimate in distance casting performance.

The Power Aero Big Pit reel which will come in a dark-ish and silver-ish version is an eye-catching reel for the fanatic carp- and surf angler. Stocked with technological features like strong HAGANE Gear and HAGANE Body, X-Ship, one-piece bail, and the new X-Protect this reel is designed to last for many years like a true workhorse. The reel has a relatively small body which gives the reel a compact feel. The Parallel Body feature is added to increase casting distance and accuracy by eliminating line slap during the cast. The Parallel Body in combination with the superb line-lay of the Super Slow 5 system will make sure that you can always cast your baits right there where you want them. The new Hi-Speed drag – which is even faster than Instant Drag – enables you to switch instantly from freespool mode to fight mode by only a very small turn of the drag knob.




  • BEARINGS  8+1



  • MODELS 14000 XTB & 14000 XSB




Shimano Ultegra 5500 XSC Fishing Reel For Carp / Course Fishing




This is not surprising, since they will appeal to match, specimen and carp anglers alike. 

The compact ‘big-pit’ Ultegra C14+XTC 5500 (black) and Ultegra C14 XSC 5500 (pearlescent) models are based around Shimano’s hugely popular Ultegra 14000 reels that have been embraced by serious carp anglers. But technical improvements, and significant differences between the new models, are readily apparent. 

The new Ultegras are better protected against water and dust, weigh less than their predecessor, and benefit from Hi-Speed front drag systems. These allow for quick setting post-cast when targeting big carp, so big fish can be precision-played off the clutch without fear of the reel over-tightening or locking up.  

Better, stronger winding power is provided by Shimano’s top-end Hagane gearing. To that little lot you can add many technically improved parts including a C14 rotor system, beautifully balanced and completely wobble-free. 

Rounding off the specifications are a super-comfy handle knob and an improved, more discreet line guard that functions better than ever and affords a slight weight saving too. Both models come with a spare spool.

  • Ballbearing: 2 S A-RB ball bearings 2 Shielded Stainless Steel Ball bearings 1 Roller bearing

  • Gear ratio: 5,3:1 / Lineretrieve/crank 105cm

  • Sparespool: 1 size 5500 Aluminium

  • Spoolcapacity: mm/m: 0,30-390 / 0,35-290 / 0,40-210 lb/yds: 10-425 / 12-315 / 16-230

  • Weight 505g / 17.8oz

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