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Lake Reviews

Lets just say, everyone has a favourite lake to go to. Whether it be their local 10 minutes down the road or the most challenging across country. Everyone has a different opinion in what makes a great fishing lake in relevance to stock, bite rate, size etc.


Some just like to be in an area that has a scenic view or wild environment. What makes a lake is opinion, and to create a wide list of different lakes around the country to fish and hopefully give you a better understanding of what lies ahead when trying a new lake out.


For me the information on some lakes is scarce or dated. What can be said is there are a wide variety of lakes now popping up all over the U.K. Below is an insight to some of the lakes around England that have caught the eve of The Carp Anglers Bivvy to add to a list of must fish lakes! All of the lakes below have been experienced first hand if more information is needed, please contact us.



Pentney Lakes is a gem of a place. With 4 hard lakes and a junior under 16's lake this place is hard to beat for scenery and all round wild environment. The fishing is by no means easy, but one thing can be guaranteed is that they are there.


All of these fish are fighting fit as they are rarely caught but when they are, you will know deep inside hat you have accomplished one of Britain's true stunning carp.


The fish in these lakes are something worth the challenge. A 48 hour minimum session to get real results. Or try 24h and hope to get in amongst them. Finding the fish here is a must but that can be easier than said. The 3 main lakes are The Cabin, Syndicate and the enormous Ski lake.



Carp up to 35lb at least with a few reported catfish.

First of all the lakes here are beautiful, its somewhere that if you blank you can still leave with a smile on your face, the water is so clear that the fish you see here is amazing, never hiding, just hard to catch which for me spices it up.  The 2 most well known swims are most definitely, Dead mans Bay and the bbq swim although behind the main island is known for producing real results. 


The fish here are hard to catch and certainly not a runs water but everyone is on the cell and swear by it but there are certainly other angles to take. The overhanging trees on the far side are under fished as most go straight for the island  but ignore these areas at you pearl. 


Its a carp anglers dream especially if your looking for a challenge which has to be experienced.



Pentney Lakes


The Photo above shows the 31lb common caught on a coconut boilie by Danny Lovelace who earlier that day completed the ultimate damage on his car by reversing into a tree just as he arrived. As you can see in the photo, this superb fish definitely cheered him up.

The specimen lake at Pentney Lakes has some amazing fish but again, very spooky and you need a stealth approach. Piling in the bait here just does not cut it. 

There are plenty of fish in here that are in pristine condition. There is no question the lake is a challenge but the scenery is beautiful and not overcrowded with other anglers. One of Norfolk's true gems for the true carp angler.


Again another beautiful place with a decent head of fish.  This water is by no means easy but has 3 good lakes that must be experienced.  When you arrive and see the challenge ahead you will see what I mean.  


When you arrive at this place you can be rest assured you have plenty of water to go at here with a total of 5 lakes which includes the syndicate which does have a waiting list and is rather popular.  The lakes here all hold there challenges with great swims at your disposal but finding the fish must take priority when you get here as if you dont fgind them you will catch nothing.  Some cracking fish present in these lakes which would tempt the best so a approach would be to have an open mind to your surroundings


This is where I learned to fish for carp. You get onsite and as soon as you hit the lakes you pay in a little hut, drive down immediately coming across to 5 acre lakes, one to the left, one to the right, the latter being the specimen lake and the one to the left knwn as Halifax the match lake. Make no mistake about it, the match lake has plenty of big boys to play with up to 30lbs. The other 3 lakes, Hurricane, Spitfire to match lakes holding many carp up to 25lbs, for the carp angling challenge is to get on the Stirling lake which is so unpredictable and can be prolific on its day.



Fish to 40lb

Although you need a membership to fish this place, it is 25 pounds and open to the public. For such a high profile owner  it has the pull to get carpers interested. The clay setting sets it apart from other lakes where it has a very interesting feel to the place and at 15 ft deep in some places the fish have plenty of place sto hide.


There is no question that this place is full of fish to be caught and PB's are without doubt a possibility. YouTube videos show what work went into make this place happen which gives the place that added twist to say - I am a member and I have fished here!

carp 5.jpg


Boston, Lincolnshire

This is my local, 10 minutes from my house it has to be said Gary the bailiff and his family have created a little gem of a fishery. They have a stocked tackle shop onsite and with the service and welcome you will receive it is a hard place to refuse as your breakfast and dinner will be homemade and brought to your peg.


The fishery consists of 2 lakes, Hope and Glory, Hope lake being home to 800 fish up to 28lb and a perfect lake to home your skills. Glory on the other hand is difficult but with fish up to 37lb - lake record, can be challenging but on the right day a happy angler you can be



Brampton Cambridge

To say I try and fish these lakes as often as I possibly can and being 60 miles drive for me personally makes this a little special for me. Lake 1 is overgrown and holds some very big fish to over 40lb but are very hard to get to as this lake is snaggy and not easy to fish.


If you love stalking then this is the place to be as the challenge is there to be had. Lake 2 on the other hand, is said to have around 500 fish and slightly easier to catch but the fish in here are not stupid. As the well known bob the biscuit will explain, if you are lucky enough to meet him on the bank. This guys record for fish out of here is phenomenal and to personally watch him fish free-lining with dog biscuits off the top is brilliant.

carp 3.jpg

Waterside Fishing Lodges

Spilsby, Lincolnshire

Spent 5 days at this little gem this year in February. At a time when fishing can be hard, myself and Alan Lilley took to bearing the February stormy winds to give this little place a try. Arriving on the Monday night we decided to start the week with a grand old pub lunch at the Red Lion where we both had extremely lovely pub meals provided to us at a reasonable cost.

Starting at 6am , Alan had 3 carp to 7lb's which spurred me on to get the rods in the water. With a record 25lb carp present, the fish are not exactly huge but as the week went on, it was soon noticed that all fish caught from this lake fought well and gave a good account for themselves. Using max size of 10 hook helped the bites if anything as for me it was sporadic, but for Alan, he consistently caught day after day, throughout the day.

What has to be said for this small 1 acre lake is that it is picturesque and lovely to fish and get away from it all. Close to the little quaint town of Spilsby where there is an outstanding Chinese takeaway.

After being greeted by the lovely owners, we were directed to our beautiful well equiped lodge which we comfortably spent a cold winter February fishing catching over 50 carp between us to 12lb to get the season started with Alan landing 3/4 of them.


Great fishing

Great People 

Amazing  Accomodation

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