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Bait in carp fishing is the true decider in my opinion as to whether you catch or blank. Having said that, just because a bait killed it on one lake, does not mean you can visit each lake you fish with that bait and know you are going to do well. A true carp angler will agree that the right bait at the right time in the right place will decide whether you blank or not, otherwise it would be too easy and we could change the name of the sport to catching!  

One thing that has been proven with the current popularity of carp fishing is that confidence is the key to believing you are using the right bait. This confidence is usually injected by a good session, biggest fish or tested against another. The mere fact that in the U.K, anglers all over the country are using different baits and catching! For me it goes back to right place right time, right bait, oh and ofcourse, if the carp are hungry!

There is absolutely no doubt about how mainline & sticky are running the show, but lets not forget other big brands such a s Nash, CC Moore, Urban, Dynamite, Spotted Fin all have their place on the market.

It does make me laugh when I hear one angler say to another, the carp do not like that in here! May be true but may not be.

I have had success with many different types of boillies and other baits but find that buying in bulk and baiting up with a cheap bait is as influential as baiting up with a more costly bait. They both work!

Making your own quality boilies have a lot to be said for. That added edge of freshness and quality ingredients ensure confidence while sat on a hard water, not to mention that it is a fun hobby to have before a well planned fishing trip. They said to the inexperienced angler that if he tied his own rigs, he/she would feel more reward!

Try catching on your own homemade bait, what a buzz!

You never know, if you make the next greatest boilie, you can move next door to Mr Kevin Nash!

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