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Carp Fishing 2020

Well carp fishing this year is going to be a good year for me in regards to time spent on the Bank. The new role I have currently will only see half my week taken up with fishing, kids and let's not forget the missus being my focus on the other half of the week.

Targets have to be my first 40lb carp so location is going to be key to have a chance of that British carp of a lifetime. That does not mean I will avoid lakes without that magic 40 but I will definetly be upping my game to get that big one this year.

One may ask, what's going to be the approach and how do I intend to get one of those big girls? Its quite simple really, it's by grabbing the gear at any opportunity to get on the bank and get the bait and hook wet. I'm a great believer in right place right time and anyone within reason can hook a monster.

The carp gods will dictate to whether your going to net one or not, having said that, he or she who works hard, reap the rewards.

Carp fishing is without doubt a sport, physical and mental as when the going gets tough, well, insanity and severe disappointment springs to mind.

If your like me, you will be buzzing with the mere chance of a bite to the end of the session only to realise that you have blanked and have to head back to reality of life knowing that everything you tried miserably failed.

That's the beauty of carp fishing and why so many times have I doubted the chance of a bite but suddenly my alarms scream off with an almighty skipped heart beat by me before running to bend into the never-ending possibility on the end of the hook!

So where to go this year, plan is around my normal fishing and different venues is to hit waterside fisheries for a mini holiday with an old mate of mine - ex boss but cracking good old bloke Alan Lilley. He has recently got himself addicted and buying new gear for fun as he has now got the viral bug us carers all have.

Swatham lakes for a revisit just because they are such decent people and the big carp are in there, I just need to work out the puzzle of getting the cats out of the way. Place is quality and always worth a midweek visit!

Coston day ticket is somewhere I've never been and want to tick it of the bucket list and always a chance of a 30lb carp in there so always worth a bash.

Bain Valley fisheries will be used to hone the skills on short sessions because I know the lakes and enjoy coming here to get a bend in the rod.

A1 pits for big that big girl, not far from me, 50 mile tops and always a chance to bag a big one up here, especially in the bigger lakes.

Catch 22, blanked here once so need to go back and wipe the slate clean here. Really liked the look of this place, so natural and prime Norfolk scenery.

Pentney lakes, an old favourite of mine so always fit a few sessions in here, big carp, hard to catch.

Lake Helen, 5 mins drive from my house so need to give this place a bash as it would be rude not to, 1 carp over 35lb and 1 cat to 44lb, that's a challenge worth taking.

These won't be the be all and end all but definetly on my list for a bit of pleasure carping.

Let me know if you have been anywhere or caught anything that may interest me to give a try. New places are always the best fun!!!

Tight lines!

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