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Health and Fishing

Mental health and Carp Fishing have been locked in as a helpful relaxing environment for many different people with different disorders. Getting out on the bank helps the best of us giving us that release from everyday life.

I can see why fishing in general is a great sport to intercept one's thoughts to appreciating what they have in front of them. Sometimes space and time to think is what is needed and when the going gets tough on the fishing front, time to think and get the head straight is their in abundance.

I know people who fish together but barely talk the whole time on the bank and others who are there for a bit company who don't shut up, me probably being one:). That's the beauty of the sport that it welcomes all different personalities and walks of life.

Some people's lives just need to stop in the whirlwind they live in which the fishing itself presents a feeling of time standing still and freedom. I love to just take moment to reflect on life and past times, consider the future and be grateful of the present.

People are affected by different issues and if you can, give the rods a try as the wonderful feeling of getting away from it all to regroup has helped me a lot over the years.

I intend to get a charity page up and running on the website which will help others with any donations made to support some lesser fortunate people who need it.

For all the enjoyable years fishing has given me and to so many, it does not cost anything to be kind and help another. After all the most healthy of people find this world stressful with everyday pressures and fishing for me is a place to let them pressures all go.

The only thing to consider is how to get a fish in the net!


Be well.

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